What if Enlightenment was your life’s highest goal?
How would your life look like?
What would your priorities be? What are the choices you would make?

Enlightenment is a state of expanded or higher awareness that feels blissful and fulfilling, independent of external factors. Psychologist Abraham Maslow, describes it as a “peak experience…an ecstatic moment of rapture ” which is a result of psychological wholeness.
In one of my favorite books, Ordinary People as Monks & Mystics,  writer Marsha Sinetar writes ” Self -Actualization is a natural manifestation of healthy human development.”

Yet this state remains oblivious to many of us.
With our continuous sensory diversions, dispersed attention and oppressed tensions we rarely experience ourselves wholly and fully.
Yet the state of pure awareness is our natural birthright.
Shifting back into this state requires working through layers of mental and emotional tension.

Enlightenment is not a lofty goal where one simply moves towards peace and love but it’s a moment to moment practice of consciously integrating all aspects of yourself into the light of your awareness. Also the parts that you habitually deny, oppress and reject. Therefore it’s considered the path of the warriors, the heroes and the braves.The first step to Self Realization is to develop awareness of yourself. Awareness of the physical sensations,  emotions and thoughts passing through you.

Meditation is a gentle and effective way to help you develop your awareness, release your tension and build an autonomous state of  happiness, one moment at a time.

This seemingly solitary and isolated practice does come with more rewards, perhaps an unexpected element is the rise of the desire to be of service to others. Not as an obliged duty or for self importance and worth. It’s the emergence of true servanthood and stewardship.
Your ability to act in ways that contribute to the well being of others becomes your second nature, just like the butterfly effortlessly pollinates the flowers hence sustaining nature.

I dream how the world would look like if a young scholar chooses enlightenment as a life goal and that it would be equally applauded as an academic goal.

I imagine how the world would look like if cleaning and balancing our nervous system was considered top priority. Our natural birthright qualities of  wholeness, humility and selfless service can all flourish again to the surface of our actions. We can continue doing the same thing but with much more care, enjoyment ,flavor and fragrance, elevating our entire human experience.