New Meditation Series

Meditation Series at Island Yoga
Saturdays 12.30-1.30pm
July 18th & 25th Aug 1st & 8th
f18.50 drop in fee

Shaking Meditation
Saturday July 18th

One of the primal ways the body is designed to release stress is through shaking movements. Learn how to trigger your body’s natural shaking response with simple and gentle TRE- (Trauma Release Exercises) exercises to release old stored stress and return to stillness.

Chakra Meditation
Saturday July 25th
Your essence is energy. Meditating on the energy centers in the body naturally balances the subtle layers of your mind, body, emotion and activates your inner guidance & wisdom.
Learn a simple technique to align your chakras and replenish your energy field daily.
Mantra Meditation
Saturday August 1st
Mantra is also known as protector of the mind.
Repetition of a word, sound or counting effectively dissolves the thought stream
and allows the mind to naturally settle.
Learn creative ways to practice the calming 108 mantra meditation with and without mala.

(You may bring your mala, optional)

Zen Meditation
Saturday August 8th
The practice of non doing, of effortless being and of pure presence
is a true artistry of awareness.
Transcend mental filters
and connect with the true nature of existence.
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