Enlightenment Workshop

Starting Saturday October 17 th at Island Yoga

STRESS MANAGEMENT and WELLNESS are just the beginning
now is the time for ENLIGHTENMENT
Just like it’s in the nature of the caterpillar to become a butterfly,
it’s in our nature to embody Enlightenment.
A relaxed body and a calm mind are the basic conditions needed to tap into
our naturally Enlightened core. Our inner source of wisdom, power, wholeness and interconnection to all.
This is the kind of force needed to live and thrive in today’s world.
Are you ready to do the inner work?
Are you ready to shed old limiting habits and beliefs?
Are you ready to grow into the true you?
Are you ready to stand in the source of your own greatness?
Are you ready to live fearless and love fully?
Are you ready to live the life you dream of?
The time is now….
-What Meditation Truly is
-How to Meditate Successfully for Sustained Benefits & Growth
-Effective Breathing Techniques for Daily Balance
-Powerful Meditation Techniques and Awareness Practices
-Psychophysiology of Stress
-Multi-Dimensional Anatomy and Chakras
-The Art of Emotional Healing
-The Power and Wisdom of the Heart
& more
Each week is theme structured.
Receive weekly insights, inspirational material and assignments.

it’s a delight to embark on this journey with you!

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