Meditation Specials at Island Yoga

Too busy to practice?
” When we really have the desire to do something,
time and proper conditions will be at our disposal.
Time and circumstance follow desire”
~ Ammachi
Indian Woman Saint
In my earlier single motherhood years it was hard for me to be confronted with this truth. I felt I had the right to feel pity for myself because of lack of time and money. Now still a single mom, I am grateful for having made this mental shift.
I feel no longer a victim of external circumstances, in my busiest days I make time to practice and turning them into the most beautiful days.
With a humble heart I invite you to these meditation specials (at Island Yoga) that I found to be fortifying on my human and spiritual journey.
Meditation Specials
All minds are unique and settle in different ways.
It’s helpful to seek out what types of meditation resonate with you.
The Power of Mala
Saturday May 18th
12.30-1.15 pm
Mala is translated as ‘ garland’ or a string of beads
that are used in a meditation practice.
Meditation with a Mala necklace or bracelet is a powerful way to transcend the mind, therefore it is also called your “link to heaven”.
In this meditation you will learn how to use the Mala
with Pranayama (breathing) and Japa (mantra) meditation.
Tratak : Candle Gazing Meditation
Saturday May 25th
12.30-1.15 pm
Trataka means to gaze steadily.
The process of gazing at a candle flame increases the calming alpha brain waves. It takes tiredness from the eyes and is also known to relief depression, increase concentration & memory and create mental clarity.
Death Meditation : Ignite Your Passion for Living
Saturday June 1st
12.30-1.15 pm
Becoming comfortable with the fact of dying can help you live life to the fullest.
It helps you become clear of what is truly important and meaningful.
It liberates you from unnecessary subconscious tension and truly engages you with the moment, naturally increasing the joy of living.
(This meditation is done lying down)
Grief and Healing Meditation
Saturday June 8th
12.30-1.15 pm
Do you feel stuck in a mourning stage after a loved one passed away?
Moving on from sorrow means moving through it.
In this meditation we approach the feeling of grief with acceptance and compassion. This offers relief and reduces unnecessary suffering.
Learn how to remember and honor the loved ones who passed
in a wholesome and enriching way.
F15 per class
Please sign up at Island Yoga (tel 2800025)
looking forward to meditate with you

Mindful March at Island Yoga

sign up online Island Yoga or pass by the desk
Mindfulness is a simple yet powerful practice
that helps us live life with a heightened state of awareness.
This enhances our enjoyment of life, helps us deal with hardships
and become more skilled at navigating emotions.
Repeated practice have been shown
to help cultivate a healthier relation to life.
In this course you will learn
the basic principles and techniques of mindfulness.
In each session we explore a theme leading to
inward investigation & self discovery.
Session 1 – March 9
” The Fabric of Awareness “
Learn the fundamentals of mindfulness.
Understand the nature of thoughts, the power of self-awareness
and learn formal mindfulness meditation.
Session 2 – March 16
” Living with Expanded Awareness “
Understand how mindfulness transforms the brain and habits.
Learn various practical mindful applications to reduce stress
and gain fulfillment in your daily living.
Session 3 – March 23
Emotions as Passages to Wholeness “
Understand the nature of emotions.
Learn how to work mindfully with difficult emotions and
increase your emotional intelligence and freedom.
Session 4 – March 30
” Embracing Impermanence “
Becoming more comfortable with the idea of dying
can be surprisingly liberating.
Learn how this ancient practice, Mindfulness of Death,
leads to Mindfulness of Life and enhances your joy of living.
Looking forward to our Mindful Saturdays together !!
*meditation and mindfulness practices are not meant to replace therapeutic sessions with a psychologist or psychiatrist and is not advisable for those with (history of ) psychosis, schizophrenia or severe psychological trauma

Community Yoga Event

Join us for a magical event, inspired by the beauty of the serene Eagle Beach.
Your favorite local teachers unite to offer a variety of yoga classes for kids, seniors and all who love yoga, nature and community. for more info call/whats app 6618133/5935910

Solo a Lanta


Awe te dia ba preocupa pe ayera?
Tips pa maneha dianan duro:

Hasi e cosnan cu mas atencion
‘Slow Down” , move, papia, cana mas poco poco,
Asina bo ta minimalisa anshedad y nervio.
Bo ta logra mas,
kisas hasta cu un smile!