Silence is the Great Healer


It was my first silent retreat experience. I felt nervous and excited to participate in this journey, not knowing what to expect. Once there, being in the now, just doing and not doing simultaneously was an awakening of emotions, thoughts and ideas. It felt so freeing, so beautiful and calm. I felt so here.
After the retreat I felt elevated and fulfilled. I felt so much more grounded to mother earth.
If you feel the need to reconnect with yourself, with your emotions, your spirituality, with mother earth, I would highly recommend a silent retreat with Shanti!

~ Deanna

Why Silence?
The world is a master of distraction
With constant distraction we shatter our awareness and weaken our conscious power
Talking is one of the main channels where energy exits the body.
Talking is also form of addiction many are not aware of.
The constant need to react, opinionate, advice, prove a point and comment is a habit to distract oneself from underlying restlessness. When all external distraction s are removed the senses can purify and become internally oriented.
Once the senses feast on the nectar of silence, the desire for external pleasure and amusement naturally subdue.
You realize that the only and ultimate true fulfillment is the silence of the soul.