Aruba Rainbow Circle


The Rainbow was always of special significance for ancient indigenous people. It symbolizes the Great Spirit and the interrelation of all living things. The Rainbow gathering is the gathering of people of all nations, race, colors and traditions. ” They will come together in love, joining hands in unification,to heal the Earth and all Her children”
~ Ancient Rainbow Prophecy

Join us for an evening of unity and celebration:
Opening Yoga with Dr. Love, Qi Gong Master
Yoga Flow with Shanti
Soundbowl Relaxation
Launch Aruba Rainbow Tribe with Sacred Songs
by Xavi Waeves, Caleto, Shanti, Leontine, Jose, Natalie, Wedrumming & more!!!
At the red anker at seroe corado go left, pass KIA, look for the sign to go left.
Bring a towel, a cup for tea and your drum or other music instrument!!
this is a donation event